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FÜHRERBUNKER - Revelated its Mysteries

Hitler bunker

This book is an important and historic documentation of one of the world’s unique sites, and for anyone interested in the myths and the truths surrounding Hitler’s final stand Pietro’s account of the bunker is a must-read.

His research is painstaking and reveals many facts heretofore unknown not just about this imposing structure, but what did and didn’t happen to it after the war. 

Perhaps most revealing is his insight into what remains beneath the surface of this small area in the middle of the metropolis of Berlin. 

Without a doubt the fact that the bunker is largely intact proves the author’s point: the facts are no mystery and the bunker must be unearthed so that future generations will always have a clear understanding of how the rise of Nazism ended in the ignominious fall of its evil leader and his henchmen. 

William Moyers – Saint Paul (USA) March 2021

Dear Mr Pietro Guido

For my research about the Reichssicherheitsdienst present in the Reichskanzlei during the battle for Berlin I collect published sources.

Your book about the Führerbunker is one of those.

It gave me new insight about the bunker and its organisation.

Furthermore I would like to thank you for the fast and very usefull help you provided me for my own research.

Thanks again!

Peter – Belgium August 2020

Ho letto il suo libro sul Fuhrerbunker dopo aver visitato Berlino, veramente uno studio ben documentato e che appassiona nella lettura, complimenti sinceri!

Fabio Biondi – TALLIN Agosto 2018

Innanzitutto volevo congratularmi per lo studio da lei effettuato, riguardo questo libro. Veramente eccellente, e degno di un investigatore!

Premetto che sono un "appassionato" di storia, con una forte specifica nel secolo scorso.. Il suo libro, mi fu regalato, nel 2008, quindi dovrebbe risalire alla 4 edizione.. E lo lessi tutto d'un fiato. Memore del viaggio fatto a Berlino qualche mese prima, per andare a vedere i punti di maggior interesse storico risalenti alla seconda guerra mondiale..

Ma veniamo al punto;

Immagino che questa domanda le sia stata fatta ormai svariate volte, ma un dubbio mi lascia perplesso.

Quando scrive degli ultimi giorni del fureher, e della fine delle sue spoglie, fa riferimento alla STASi, che dopo qualche tempo, prese i resti di Hitler, e dopo averlo cremato, riversó le ceneri nelle fogne di Berlino est ... Tipico dell'URSS , depistare e annientare qualsiasi forma di fanatismo/idolatria/ pellegrinaggio, di "mal intenzionati", che però con tal atteggiamento, rendono difficile la ricerca storico archeologica ..

Non mi pronuncio sulla fine che tale umano abbia meritato, la si lascia alla storia..

Ma quello che mi fece riflettere, è quando vidi un documentario su discovery channel, (risalente alla fine degli anni 90),dove venivano aperti gli archivi del KGB a Mosca, risalenti alla Berlino est della STASI...

Un funzionario del Cremlino, aprì una cassetta blindata, e portó alla luce un tutore per piede, annerito dal fuoco, che risultava essere quello di Josef goebbels, un pezzo di legno con della tela con vari schizzi di sangue, che dopo analisi del DNA risultava fosse sangue umano femminile, ( probabilmente di Eva brown, in quanto era una parte del divano, presa dalla stanza del fureher, da un militare russo, prima della sua "distruzione");

Ed in fine un pezzo di calotta cranica con un mezzo foro di proiettile sulla tempia, che sostenevano fosse di Hitler, facendo così abbandonare la tesi della "codardia" per il suicidio da parte del fureher.

Questa cosa mi lasció perplesso..

Perché nascondere una cosa del genere?

Perche dire di aver eliminato un corpo, per poi conservarlo furtivamente, addirittura trasferendone i resti in luoghi più sicuri?

Vorrei sapere se Lei fosse a conoscenza di questa versione, sempre che non l'abbia già riportata nella quinta ristampa del libro..

O se così non fosse, magari è motivo di arricchimento e nuovi interrogativi per un nuovo libro. La ringrazio per l'attenzione concessami.

Mi scuso se mi son dilungato troppo..

Ma è grazie al suo lavoro che molte persone come me, continuano a seguire con attenzione gli eventi che hanno caratterizzato il secolo scorso, che dovrebbero far riflettere sul futuro, in tempi così particolari..


Luca – Italy Marzo 2016

Dear Mr. Pietro Guido,

Thank you so much for your article and photos, and your continued efforts in the research and finding the truths of WW II German history, which the German authorities continue to hide and ignore, as if nothing happened. It was a pleasure to hear from you!

Today, I have purchased your book "Hitlers Berghof and the Tea House", and I am anxiously awaiting its delivery. In December, 2008, I purchased "Fuhrer Bunker", which I have read several times, and have studied the pictures over and over again. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and it has become one of my favorites on my book shelf. Thank You for your devoted research into this very, very important site in German (and the world) history. I have wished that this site be unearthed, and made available for all to see, and visit. But I am certain that it will never happen.

There has been recent releases of FBI (including Russian data) and other previously classified documents that Hitler, (as well as other high ranking Nazis) left Germany at wars end, and lived in Argentina. From what I have seen, the proof is conclusive that Hitler escaped via submarine to Argentina. I personally did not believe that there was conclusive evidence that Hitler actually died in Germany. As you probably know, the skull fragments that Russia claimed belonged to Hitler, is that of a woman, and no DNA was linked to Hitler.

I would appreciate your thoughts and opinions on this matter.

Best regards,

Richard Swanke Hanover, Pennsylvania – USA August 2014

Dear Pietro Guido,

a excellent book with the detail unsurpassed in any other Berlin book I have collected. I was there last week and noted the white curb behind you in your book photo where the bodies were burnt. I think in time they will have to set up a small visitor centre there of sorts to provide people with more information and books etc. A site across the road looks vacant . If they can set up a museum for terror including a cafè then it is doable without it assisting daft neo Nazis. One of my group asked the guide if Hitler built the berlin wall!. More education is needed for tourists on site in our lifetime as well.

The poorly educated visitor in the group was a American middle aged woman that asked the daft question. I took the book with me and the seasoned walking tour Guide was fascinated to see the ground x ray pictures of the bunker now under our feet .He thought he had seen it all but he certainly had not seen these ground x rays before which knocked him out. .We have a ww2 theme park here in Yorkshire (Eden camp ,a old POW camp) and I have lobbied them for a while now to put in a accurate Fuhrer bunker on the spare fields they have available to go with their u boat hut and ww2 themed huts. Probably the expense is holding them back but it would be a unique EU/global experience which would pull in a lot of visitors.Or cheaper still would be to buy the German set of Downfall and rebuild it in the camp. Time will tell.

Hugh O’Daly – Yorkshire UK June 2014

Dear Pietro,

I am writing to inform receipt of the book. Thanks a lot - I find it very interesting! As I wrote before it is a subject of great interest for me - History of WWII and especially events in Berlin. I read almost half of the book and compared with other my books and maps I have collected for my "long" study, I have lots of documentary movies on WWII and Third Reich.

I am 55 years old Civil engineer and my first business trip abroad was in 1987 to Berlin (East) and at that time was unthinkable to find and learn any information on that matter. It was even not allowed. Then just managed to walk on Unter den Linden and saw in distance Brandenburger Tor. Then in 2002 - with some more information in hand (map and description from Internet) I went to see places from "my great interest" - Voss strasse, Wilhelm str etc. I didn't know at that time correct place of the Bunker but saw that during construction for JMemorial - some remains from bunker were visible. I took some shots with my videocamera.

I think you have done a really academical job with your surveys - fantastic! I would join you in quest and movement for re-opening remains of the Bunker but it is hardly to believe it could happen!. As a construction engineer I think that destruction of buildings like Reichskanzlei, Bunkers and hole complex have been a tremendous crime by soviets and DDR governments but that was reality of cold war. I also envy you for the fact you had a chance to meet personally some witnesses from that time - Mr. Rochus Misch, th way you describe he saw you off was thrilling...

I wish you good health and new discoveries,

Hereby remain with

Best regards.

D. , Sofia Bulgaria May 2014

Dear Sir,

I am from India and a research scholar on Second World War.

Kindly provide me the email id and contact details of Mr. Pietro Guido.

I had purchased the book Fuhrer Bunker from your publication and read it almost 6 times.

It is a wonderful book ever written on Hitler's bunker with such in depth analysis.

I visited the Hitler's bunker few year back.

I am currently in Sweden on a business visit and plan to visit the Bunker this week end.

So, kindly help by sharing the contact details of Mr.Pietro Guido.

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

With best regards,

Vishi (New Delhi INDIA) April 2014

Hello Mr. Guido

I bought your book 'Fuehrer Bunker' recently and was very impressed with the detail in it. Congratulations on a wonderful job.

The reason I am writing is that I am currently looking into an old news article about a supposed 'escape tunnel' from Hitler's Chancelley. I have created a word document that reproduces the article - both in text and in screenshot and have attached it to this email.

I though you might be the best person to ask about an opinion on this news article.

I know it seems very dubious but in your research do you know anything about this?

Thanks - Peter

Dear Peter,

Thanks for your letter and your congratulation for my detailed book. With regard to the enclosed "news article" I have to tell you that it is a very poor and not reliable document. Many witnesses confirm that Hitler committed suicide in the Fuhrerbunker on 30 April, 1945. In addition, this version of the facts was confimed to me by the "true" ex bodyguard (really, the telephonist of the bunker, Rochus Misch) in my recurrent interviews with him.

About the tunnel, it is confirmed that a tunnel connected the bunker with the Chancellery and that it was used by the fugitives (included Rochus Mish) to escape towards the Friedrichstrasse. These groups, of course, did not include neither Adolph Hitler, nor Eva Braun (already dead in the bunker and burned just outside). Have my best regards.

Pietro GUIDO

Peter Wedesweiler February 2014

Egregio dott. Pietro Guido,

La scorsa settimana ho avuto finalmente la possibilità di recarmi a Berlino.

Grazie anche alla sua opera dedicata alla scoperta del Fuhrer Bunker ho avuto la soddisfazione di recarmi sul posto per poter cercare di rivivere le sensazioni provate dai protagonisti di quell'epoca così buia e terribile.

Ovviamente prima di recarmi in questi posti mi sono adeguatamente documentato: partendo dalle "Memorie del III Reich" autobiografia di Albert Speer, alla testimonianza di Traudl Humps (Junge) edito da Feltrinelli, fino alla visione del film "La Caduta" con la straordinaria interpretazione di Bruno Ganz, film visto e rivisto innumerevoli volte.

La sua notevole opera relativa al Fuhrer Bunker mi ha sicuramente dato un grande impulso e stimolato la mia curiosità e mi ha convinto dell'effettiva necessità di rivalutare questo luogo controverso: per lungo tempo dimenticato e odiato.

Mi complimento con lei per lo straordinario lavoro svolto.

Sono convito che il recupero del Bunker sarà solo una questione di tempo.

Ho come la sensazione che l'atteggiamento delle autorità Tedesche stia cambiando, dall'omertà unita al desiderio di rimuovere uno scomodo passato si sta passando alla consapevolezza di rievocare la memoria recuperando le testimonianze di un periodo cupo ed indelebile.

Ritengo che il recupero del Bunker sarebbe un grande motivo di interesse storico per il turista Berlinese, una opportunità e un motivo in più per visitare la città.

Questo progetto di recupero mi ricorda una visita che feci tanti anni fa in occasione di un viaggio a Londra. Allora visitai il gabinetto di guerra di Winston Churchill, luogo simbolo , per certi aspetti, che lo accomuna al bunker di Hitler.

Grazie ancora…

Cordiali saluti.

Alberto DUCHES – (Italia) Aug 2012

Dear Pietro,

Many thanks for your superb book on the Fuhrer Bunker. I am writing to say that I very much enjoyed your book on the bunker.

I have read many books on the fall of Berlin and indeed the last days of the Third Reich.

I am particularly interested in the last few days of life in the bunker, but more importantly, about the technical aspects of the bunker and its exact location.

Your book and your research has answered all of the questions that I wanted to know the answer to. No other book has been as precise and exact as your publication. Your research has been of the highest order. I feel that I know the Fuhrer Bunker as well as my own home.

I too share your desire to make the bunker into an historical site, one that should be remembered. I am very disturbed that the Russians, and more recently the Germans are keen to eradicate this important location from history forever, when it has so much to offer us today.

I am not a fanatical Nazi, nor am I a keen right wing supporter. I am just a keen historian that wants to see something of this significance preserved for future generations.

Thanks to your work, I have now arranged a trip to Berlin in November 2012, where I shall, using your information, stand above the Fuhrer Bunker and appreciate for myself the importance of your work.

Lots of historical buildings have been preserved and remembered over time, not always with the best intentions. People celebrate Roman buildings and architecture, but are they all without sin?

I believe the Fuhrer Bunker to be an important and valuable historic site. Your research is vital in trying to preserve this site.

I would very much like to hear a response from you, you are to me one of the best historians today. I thank you Pietro, for answering questions that others have been afraid to. You are and always will be a friend.

Best Regards.

Graham SMITH - (England) May 2012

Egregio Dottor Guido,

ho letto entrambi i suoi libri Hitler Bunker, Svelati i suoi misteri e Il Berghof di Hilter e la Teehaus La storia desaparecida.

Mi complimento con lei per la ricchezza di particolari, la precisione e la passione con la quale ha svolto le sue ricerche.

Trovo lodevole, da appassionato di storia del Terzo Reich, la sua iniziativa Save History, che trova il mio appoggio e sostegno.

Mi piace a questo proposito, ricordare una citazione eloquente del filosofo e scrittore spagnolo George Santayana "Chi non sa ricordare il passato è condannato a ripeterlo".

Muovendo da questa, comprendiamo quanto sia importante preservare molti luoghi storici, tra i quali il Bunker di Hitler a Berlino, che non debbono essere nascosti o occultati per paura di fenomeni nostalgici o di fanatismo, ma riportati alla luce, per comprendere e meditare sulle storie e le tragedie che in questi si sono consumate.

Con stima

Alvise Cattelan - (Italia) Febbraio 2011

Dear Mr Guido,

I received your book last week and I’m already finish with it…I actually order another yesterday to my best friend who’s living in Switzerland.

The fact that I order the second book shows the idea I have about your research! Just great!

I have been many time in Berlin and I do love this city, certainly one of the most interesting and beautiful in the world, I will sure take there again this year with your map on my hands! I do so have been in Berchtesgaden but the Kelstein was closed – it was on winter!  

I do hope that the Bunker will not disappear and will come on the surface again.

Thank you for your research and your work, you are not the only one who’s got interest with history but certainly one of the only who’s going further on! You have my deepest respect.

Best regards

Stéphane Creutzberg Bernheim – (Køge, Denmark) March 2009

Dr. Guido,

sincerely hope this message will reach you, as I am not sure if you have direct daily contact with the website on which your book is sold. I recently received your book as a requested gift over the holidays, and I am compelled to write to thank you for the fine work that you have produced.

I have not even finished the work yet (I am up to chapter 18), but I must say that your thorougness, attention to historical fact, methodology, and most of all your passion are beyond commendable. For someone with an intense interest in history such as myself, particularly the Third Reich era, your book is a treasure trove of information and satisfies my curiousity for the many unknowns I have had of the one of the most important historical sites in history.

I can only hope that humanity can one day succeed in bringing this place to light, and I truly wish you the best in all future endeavors and research.


(Todd - New Jersey, USA) January 2009

Dear Doctor Guido,

I would like to testify you my appreciation for your book Führerbunker.

It is a very good job that has analyzed deeply the reality in which I have lived in the last times of my activity of telephone operator: the bunker of Hitler in Berlin.

The room in which I worked was almost opposite to that of Adolf Hitler, therefore I have been witness of the tragic events that have brought to the end of Nazism.

As I have inhabited there, I can confirm that your reconstruction of the bunker is correct and I hold well in view your book in the bookcase of my living-room.

When it is necessary or when I have some guest interested to the bunker, I take your book to verify some aspects.

I renew you my compliments for the historical job performed by you and I hope to meet you again in the future. Kindest regards.

(Rochus Misch, Rudow - Berlin) January 2008

Dear Dr. Pietro Guido,

I have read your book on the history (known and hidden) of the Führerbunker and on its present state of maintenance. First of all, I am writing you to give my most sincere compliments and to thank you for a work of so great utility to history.

I am a young historian of the ancient Rome and currently I am finishing my doctorate in research, but I nourish always a passion for history in general and, particularly, for that of the II world war.

Your book, so well documented, convincing and revealing, has been for me of enormous pleasure and utility: the last edition is very rich indeed, in photos and interviews.

I come to the second purpose of the letter. I would like, if possible, that you give me some elucidations about a passage of the interview to Misch: in the specific with regard to the differences between the cinematographic Hitler (the Hitler of Fest, in short) and the memory that Misch has of him.

Could you tell me which has been your impression in this connection? In what does the difference consist between the vision of the film, a very realistic and reasonable vision, judging from what one reads in Speer and others, and the Führer "buried" in the Bunker.

I thank you for your attention and I renew you my very sincere thanks to have given such an interesting and enrapturing work to the press.

(Donato Fasolini - Italy) September 2007

Dear Dr. Pietro Guido,

I have received this morning your book "Führerbunker" and after a voracious reading of it I have to recognize that I am satisfied of the purchase, because I find it very detailed and exhaustive.

It is not easy to find, on the subject, intelligent testimonies of investigations as yours.


I was born at the end of June 1945 and the principal events that have characterized the history of the second world war have always impassioned me. Now that I am retired I can devote very more time to these searches that are, as in this case, interesting as if the secrets of a pyramid were discovered.

I sincerely envy you because your long investigation is the dream of every impassioned of history.

One year ago, on June 6, I have spent an unforgettable week running over all the places of the Normandy landing. The emotion has been enormous because for months I studied all the events and the feeling was as if I had relived them.

This time, having scheduled a trip to Berlin, for the end of June, I should have to document myself and it is then that I have had the fortune to come across your search. This will facilitate a lot me.


I hope, at my return, to communicate you my impressions.

I, too, am firmly convinced that history, of any part, with its testimonies must be saved, for the future of humanity. The tragedy of the NY Twin Towers has shown us that there is not an end to the human folly and that the civilization has to grow and feed on these events, too.

Best regards.

(Franco Mondazzi - Italy)> June 2007

Dear Pietro,

I have at last read your book. It is marvellous!

I have just been in Berlin and I was at the spot as you wrote.

It must be opened some day.

I have to send an e-mail to the Mayor of Berlin.

Yours sincerely.

Kim Lindbjeg - Denmark September 2006

Dr. Guido,

In the 1970's my brother was stationed in West Germany in the US Army. When he came home to visit he always brought the most interesting books and gifts.

I'll never forget the Polaroid photo he took over the Berlin Wall at some checkpoint showing an empty field with a weed covered mound of dirt. He said it was the remains of Hitler's Bunker.

Ever since I have been fascinated with the bunker and "what became of it"?

Your EXTRAORDINARY BOOK answered every question. Regards.

David Casto - Maumelle , Arkansas USA

August 2006 >

Dear Dr. Guido,

It was with great pleasure that I read your book, "Fuhrer Bunker". I have read much of the literature, seen many of the available historical videos of it, up to and including "Downfall". After completing your book I am confident that when my wife and I visit Berlin for a week in mid May, among other important historical sites we will accurately visit that of the bunker.

Thank you for you excellent research and documentation, including pictures and illustrations. All in all, the book was a "fine read". All the best to you in your future projects.

Robert A. Armstrong - Anderson, SC USA April  2006

Dear Dr. Guido,

I wish to thank you for your efforts and skill in bringing to light the history and location of the infamous Fuhrerbunker in Berlin.

Your book was an antidote to the troubled vanities of historical political correctness since real history is concerned with exploring reality and objectivity, so that later generations are able to see and understand how the past really was, not how we would like them to be.

I visited Berlin for the first time last year in 2005 and I wish I had your copy of the book with me then as it would have made my visit a lot easier and I would have gained much more insight into the history and location of the fuhrerbunker.

It would be an immense shame if the Gerrman authorities negated their duty to the past and to the future by ignoring, neglecting or destroying this important piece of history.

Guilt is destructive. Education is constructive.

Open up the fuhrerbunker as an educational tool and as a historical monument - and let IT talk!

Yours faithfully.

Clive Potter - Leicester, England, UK March  2006

The Book "Fuhrerbunker" came yesterday safe and sound!

As a hobbyist of the WW2 and Hitler's Germany I can already say that this book is the most interesting and revealing I've ever read about the subject.

I visited Berlin last summer and walked through the Reichskanzlei area, so the photos and pictures in the book bring back fresh memories.

Thank you once again and best regards!

Jyrki Louhivuori - Silvikkala, Finland November  2005

Dear Dr. Pietro Guido,

following the fashinating reading of your volume "Fuhrerbunker" I write you these few lines to show you the whole interest that a fiction and an active and palpable description can generate in the imassioned reader and well awat from ideological reminescences.

Your description of the searches and the measurements on the spot allows the virtual immersion in the context of the bunker, as if I was at your side.

Confiding on a success of the project, I allow myself to offer you my support.

Thank you for your work in putting this information together.

Marco Guerresi, Trento, Italy November  2005

For many years I have had a fascination with the last days of Hitler and the events which took place in the Berlin Bunker. I have read many books on the subject, watched every movie which deals with the subject, and I have done Internet searches. I considered myself to be somewhat of an expert on the subject.

Was I ever in for a surprise. This book is one of the best WWII subject books I have ever read. The amount of research which went into it is very impressive. I now feel that I could travel to Berlin and find the location of the Bunker. The book was so intense and I studied it like a college textbook, so I think I could find the bunker site without any notes or reminders of the research outlined in the book!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in World War II--in particular the final days in Berlin.

Thank you for your work in putting this information together.

Charlie Fass - Roseville, CA  USA September  2005

Dear Dr. Guido,

after the reading of the third edition of your book I will continue to follow with interest the development of the situation and eventual your initiatives.

However this story will end, it have been for you a great, beautiful adventure, to which, in a certain sense, have participated also your readers, and for this, as a reader of your book, I thank you.

(Lawyer Diego Tabacchi - Mogliano Veneto - TV - Italy) July 2005

Dr. Pietro GUIDO,

I would like simply to join the multitude of compliments that should be arrived to you for the realization of your book. You have realized what I and many other fans of recent history have only imagined; hence I feel a sort of admiration, mixed to envy, for the determination with which you have concluded your research.

I, little keen on the second world war, felt me greatly reshuffled in front of your acuteness and will, and I will need time before starting to have a minimum of" historical" consideration towards myself.

Before to buy the book through Internet I told to myself "however 20 euro are not a little price for a book", after the reading of the book I have mumbled "just as well it did not cost 200 euro, I would not have resisted the temptation to buy it". Cordially

(Idilio Morucci - Italy) June 2005


I just received your book earlier this week and read it from cover to cover.

I was in Berlin in 1994 and I too assumed I was at the sight of the bunker at the "Hillock", walked all around the area and took several pictures, including a picture of some rubble that looked like the cover of an air vent.

In any event, thank you for your meticulous research and thorough investigative job in determining exactly where the remains lie. I agree that it should be excavated and open as a historical site. Best regards

(Jack Waldhelm - Houston, TX USA) May 2005


after receiving your wonderful book on my birthday I have made a special visit to Berlin.

I have been before in 1983 but the Wall was in the way and then I returned to see the Wall come down in 1989.

It was interesting to return after 15 years to see Berlin as it is now and to be able to see the site of the Bunker and to visit the new Holocaust memorial..

Your book has been very helpful and I have been writing a website of my experiences.which I hope you might have time to visit. Thank you again.

(Ian Huntly - UK) January 2005

Thank you for the book. I must tell you that the book was extremely interesting. When I started to read it I could not stop.

I felt to have been in the bunker myself. I hope that the Germans will open it again, but maybe it is still too sensitive for them. I do not know, but what it is so many years ago. Once again, thank you. Many regards from Britta.

(Britta Simonsen - Sweden) November 2004

Dear Dr. Guido,

I have just finished the reading, engaging and touching, of your book (second edition) on the mythical bunkers of the Chancellery.

I like, sometimes, to come across personages that, as you, with tenacity pursue one aim up to reach it.

Thanks to you the Führerbunker, where ended the short life of what had to become the millenary Reich, now is no more an undefined spot in the area included among Voss Strasse, Ebertstrasse,Pariser Platz and Wilhelmstrasse!

Now, who should want it, could know where to lay down a bunch of flowers to the lives, prematurely broken, to whom you have dedicated your book!
Hoping to meet you a day, perhaps in Berlin or near the Führerbunker, have my best regards.

(Loyer Diego Tabacchi - Mogliano Veneto -TV- Italy) October 2004

To Dr. Guido:

Fashinating book! Thanks so much.

(Bond James - USA) August 2004

To Dr. Guido:

I took a quick glance through it and it looks fantastic! I am going to start reading and studying it today and I am sure I won't be able to put it down.

(Rich DeGrood - USA) July 2004


I have been to the bunker site in Berlin since 1990 many times, and watched them destroy much of it,.I even have some of the steel "rebar" from the bunker destruction. Your book is most interesting. Thank again.

(Dan Courtney - USA) July 2004

This book is a spectacle!!! I recommend it.

(Alessandro Paravia - Italy) April 2004

This book will become very probably (if it is not already become) a pillar of reference for the scholars and the fans of this genre; a book that one reads all in on due to its clear and simple style.

The work carried out by Dr. Guido is undoubtedly praiseworthy for his research of the historical truth, truth that for many people remains still inconvenient. Speaking in book terms: a good work.

(Gianluca Cardinaletti - Italy) February 2004

Dear Dr. Guido,

I have read with great interest your book on the Hitler’s bunker. To tell the truth I devoured the book reading it in one night and I thank you for the accuracy and the diligent reconstruction contained in it.

In 1997 I went to Berlin but.. as you know no tourist guide pointed out the spot of the bunker I utilized the various information of the history books in my possession and today, after the reading of your book, I deduce to have, unconsciously, walked on it.

Have my best regards and compliments for your book

(Lawyer Massimiliano Basevi - Udine Italy) January 2003

Dear Dr. Guido,

I would like to express my very best compliments for the book, written by you, regarding the Hitler's bunker; may be it will appear strange to you but it were years that I dreamed to find a similar book!

What an astonishment to see your book in that store on the Unter den Linden and moreover it was in Italian!!!

I have read the book with great interest and with the same interest I went to the site to reach the transparent plastic tiny bottle that you have carefully buried. It was snowing but my enthusiasm was too much, I could not wait…

Since April 2002 I live in Berlin for work, but I can say that the true reason that induced me to leave Italy has been my love for the history of Germany and of Berlin, particularly.

Have my warm regards with my compliments for your work.

(Stefania Z., 20 years old, Pordenone - Italy) December 2002

Dear Dr. Guido,

the Mayor of Berlin thanks you for your letter of 28 January 2002 and has read with interest the proposal transmitted by you, regarding the recovery of the bunker of Führer, as well as the historic information that you would like to utilize.

I am really admired for the care demonstrated by you in the locating of the site where the bunker is situated…

Andrè Schmitz
Der Chef der Senatskanzlei - BERLIN
February 2002

Dear Dr. Guido,

I thank you very much, also on behalf of our Managing Director Dr. Keitel, for the forwarding of your book on the Hitler bunker. As we could evict, our indications have been only a supplementary help.

Thanks to your work, has been written a book on the Führer bunker able to answer to many demands, up to now outstanding. Of particular aid have been the maps, the photographs and the graphics, compiled by you, that give to the readers a vision of the site and the architecture of the bunker. Moreover, the documentation concerning the relationship established after the end of the war around the bunker has given rise to our interest.

We congratulate you heartily with the hope and firm belief that many readers will think the same and that will be able to appreciate your deep work.Best regards.

Jutta Hobbiebrunken - Director of Communication HOCHTIEF
( HOCHTIEF is the company that built the Berlin Führer bunker, in 1944)
November 2002


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Hitler bunker
Hitler Bunker
Hitler bunker
Hitler bunker
Hitler bunker
Hitler bunker
Hitler bunker